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Trampoline Safety Of America is a third party organization involved in studying the technical aspects of all the major trampoline distributors in America. It is comprised of structural engineers, trampoline gymnastic coaches, professional trampoline installers, seasoned customer service sales reps and also experienced trampoline owners.  Our goal is to educate the public about the safeties of trampolines and how to get the maximum performance out of your trampoline.

Our Mission

To make sure that trampoline-end users are educated about the product they are purchasing and understand the safety standards that comes with each trampoline.Every month, we have independent experts writing articles about trampolines.  We will compare every aspect of the trampolines.  Why do some trampolines only have 4 legs? Why certain safety nets are safer than others? Why are some trampolines $200 and some over $2500? What about the springless trampolines?? We will give you all the answers you need to buy the best trampoline for your money.


How does price compare to other competitors of similar quality trampolines? Why are some trampolines only $200 vs $2500.


How is the quality of the bounce? Are the frame and springs thick enough to withstand heavy weight capacity? Thinner gauge frames will not have the same weight capacity and will not have the same type of bounce.  Do longer springs make a difference? What about the length of the springs?  What makes a rectangle trampoline bounce better than a round trampoline? These are a few of the questions that we will answer for you.


Customer Service

How knowledgeable is the trampoline sales person? Does he/she know everything there is to know about trampolines? Was that person helpful? How quick was the shipping? How fast was the order processed? How quick were issues addressed? Does company carry replacement parts? What about installation questions?


How safe is the trampoline? Is the net enclosure safe for small children? Are bigger or smaller holes better on the net enclosure? is it dangerous to have a net with no zipper or closure?  Is the frame thick and heavy enough where it won’t tilt or shift with too much weight on one end? Does the entire frame bend or flex when too much weight is on the trampoline? Will the  trampoline fold if one of the frame pieces break?  Are there a lot of welded joints, because welded joints can easily rust? What about Tjoints?

Overall Rating

Overall Rating is based on the quality of bounce, knowledgeable and helpful customer service, safety, ease of installation, accessibility of replacement parts and price.


Trampoline Chart of Popular Brands

is a chart comparison of quality trampolines of different brands, based on different sizes. To compare the best trampoline for your money, consider the price, frame thickness (if unsure of frame thickness, ask company for their assembled weight. Higher assembled weight should indicate the thicker frame) and maximum user weight. Thicker frames will allow for thicker gauge springs, thus allowing for greater weight capacity. 

16′ Trampoline Combo “Net Included” Brand Comparison

14′ Trampoline Combo “Net Included” Brand Comparison

10′ X 17′ Trampoline Combo “Net Included” Brand Comparison

Rebounder Mini Trampolines

Below is a chart of mini-rebounders of different brands. The quality of the rebounder will depend on the softness of bounce, depending on your weight. Spring count/bungee count and stiffness determines the softness of the bounce.

About Trampoline Safety of America

Trampoline Safety of America is a third party organization involved in styding the technical aspects of all the major trampoline distributors in America. It is comprised of structural engineers, trampoline gymnastic coaches, aling with many other experts who have been involved in trampolines all their lives. From a non-biased position, we grade every factors that is involved with every major trampoline out there. We review their structural performances, warranties, custormer service, as wess as the best pricing so that you can make an educated and informed decision when considering a tramploline. Our sites are updated constantly to make sure that all the data are cureent. We do not get paid or endorsed by any of these companies.

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